[Aquaculture wastewater] Application of Dawei Environmental Protection Screw Stacking Sludge Dehydrator in Aquaculture Farm


In recent years, the price of pork remains high, and the breeding industry is in full swing. The breeding industry has brought more and more serious harm to the environment, such as odor, production sewage and livestock manure.

Most of the early farmers were individual farmers, and most of the sewage and feces were directly discharged into the river, which seriously affected the quality of life of nearby residents. However, aquaculture is an important part of the rural economy. As the main source of income for many farmers, aquaculture wastewater has become a thorny problem for environmental protection departments. How to treat aquaculture wastewater? Now let's take a look at the application of the spiral sludge dehydrator in the aquaculture sewage.

Advantages of the stacked sludge dehydrator in the application of aquaculture wastewater:

1. It does not block, reduces flushing water consumption, saves water charges, and reduces the internal circulation burden caused by cleaning water.

2. It occupies a small area, reduces the capital construction cost, and is simple and convenient to install.

3. Closed operation, stable and timely treatment, so as to minimize on-site odor and improve the working environment of workers.

4. Fully automatic 24-hour operation is realized to reduce the labor intensity of operators.

5. The spiral shaft has low running speed, low power consumption and basically no vibration and noise on site.

6. The daily maintenance time is short and the maintenance operation is simple.

Customer case:

Chongqing * * Pig Farm
Customer industry: aquaculture industry
Nature of sludge: raw sludge
Equipment model: screw type sludge dehydrator DW-302, automatic dosing device DWP-2-500

Shenyang * * Xiang Pig Farm
Customer industry: aquaculture industry
Sludge property: biochemical sludge
Equipment model: screw type sludge dehydrator, PE medicine bucket DWP-2000

Let's take a look at the sludge treatment process of the farm:


(concentration dehydration)

(Sludge discharging effect)

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